Wrong Numbers

by Wrong Numbers

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songs written, sequenced and performed by marcus nuccio
engineered by alex burns
mixed and mastered by alex burns
cover photo by kenna hynes


released January 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Wrong Numbers Chicago, Illinois

in midi we trust

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Track Name: Weird Year
these days are like past days
unlike the ones that are less grey
there's the feeling of being inside
the inviting nature of it feels justified
"so work for it," i'll work for it
rearrange the original meaning spoken for it
"so show for it," i'll show for it
subtract all the broken promises assigned to it

it's been a weird year for me
i'm feeling ok constantly
i've got my dependencies, yeah
(we've all got our dependencies, yeah)
our clouds are grounded

i'll work for it
i'll show for it
i'll do things to prove you right
(call your friends and say you're sorry,
call your friends and ask them to hang,
call your friends and say nice things to them
and tell your friends you love them)
Track Name: Perpetual Hearts
perpetual hearts in my eyes
the things we worked for are fully realized
every night i ride the same bus home
steady as 135 on a metronome

like all the ashes i tapped into the river
(all we are, all we are)
like all the snowflakes that fell through the winter
(is changing forms of what we once were)
like counting rings on the trunk of a tree
(the body is gone but there remains a memory)
speak it to yourself and speak it quietly

what if i never get out of bed?
all the dreams i have determine i'll wake up dead
and every time you talk it makes my ears ring
like you've been talking over every word i sing

like the bitter saliva i spit into the water
(all we are, all we are)
like all the raindrops that fell through the summer
(is changing forms of what we once were)
like whispering something into the night sky
(waves of sound disintegrate and die)
speak it to yourself and speak it quietly)
Track Name: All The Problems In The World
is it a blessing or a curse given the circumstances?
for better or for worse it will probably shake out like we planned it
human instinct says to survive and move on
i'll move on

please give me this, counting patterns in the static
i am sisyphus: pushing rocks, turning the planet
are we condemned to repeat the same patterns?
i will break them, i am strong

please let this be known:
no matter what you do,
i will always be the one waiting here for you
it doesn't matter what you do

everyone we know is the same age that their brain is
the compassion that we show other people is survival basic
all of the people that we really love the most keep us here

all the problems in the world
will follow you into the ground
Track Name: The Lion, The Witch, and The House Show
i never thought today would end
it dragged out slower than a photograph developing
as we all watched the same events
minor discrepancies got lost somewhere along the edge

so away we go at night
throwing ourselves into the last light
clapping our hands and stomping our feet for more
you killed the grass when you walked on it
there were like 200 kids coming up out of the basement
cops were asking where and you pointed them to the door

the garage is clean for once
basement walls never asked for much
parts of a whole crack and crumble
you were trying your best

i was picking all my old maps off the floor
didn't think we were going anymore

you're starting to fever
you're starting to need her
more than you'd admit it
your own greatest critic
you're digging within it
you're trying to find it
to smother it, to choke it to death)

the garage is clean for once
basement walls never asked for much
parts of a whole crack and crumble
we were trying our best